3 tips to avoid falling into default with your free investment credit

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Delaying credit payments is one of the worst decisions that can be made. And it is that anyway it ends up affecting your credit history, which makes that, in the future, before any next request for a loan, financial institutions have more reasons to consider it a risky customer.

Unfortunately, that is the situation that more and more Colombians are experiencing, who granted a free investment loan, since many times they end up requesting more money than they need, they accept monthly fees that compromise the rest of their obligations, among other reasons.

So, if you are thinking of applying for a free investment loan, or if you already have one and do not want to fall behind, take note of the following tips to avoid it:


Evaluate your current budget and organize priorities

Evaluate your current budget and organize priorities

First, having a list of your expenses and income will let you know what your money is going on. Ideally, you should prioritize each expense, to know which ones you must pay first and which are “optional”. For example, it is more important to pay the rent of your home or the groceries of the month than to pay for the gym.


Reduce your expenses

reduce expenses

Another element that can help is to be aware of your ant expenses and reduce them. Do you buy coffee every morning? Do you take taxis many days in a row? Do you spend a lot on cigarettes? All that money could be spent more intelligently and contribute to it being more comfortable.


Turn to the bank at the first warning sign

Turn to the bank at the first warning sign

If you start to see that it is tighter than normal and that the money is not enough to comply with everything, do not wait until you have three months late to go to your bank. Approach and talk to an advisor, that way they can show you different alternatives to meet payments and not damage your credit history.

If you are looking for a free investment credit, avoid asking for extra money and take these tips into account right away to make sure you are paying. Do not forget that choosing where to borrow the money is vital, so, before making the decision, take a minute to evaluate the alternatives. To do so, use the Gold Purse free investment credit comparator

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