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Electric bicycles, road bicycles, mountain bikes, city bicycles, but also folding bicycles or reclining bicycles … Today there are two wheels that can be adapted to every cyclist: occasional or daily use, to practice a sport or to go to work, for pleasure or for competition, etc. With a wide range of ranges, technical features and prices, the choice has never been greater.

 Do you want to buy a bike? Not sure which to choose in front of a multitude of possible options? Do you want to invest in quality equipment without sacrificing your budget? Here are our tips to choose a bicycle that meets your needs and finance it with a bike credit.

Which bicycle to choose according to your needs?

Which bicycle to choose according to your needs?

There are many types of two wheels and countless technical features, variants and different materials. Buying a new bicycle requires you to prepare and define your project in advance.

 How will you use it? How many times will you use it? Under what conditions? It is important to ask all these questions before starting. This article is intended to help you choose your bicycle, whether it is an electric bicycle, a racing bike or any other model available on the market.

Buy an electric bicycle

Buy an electric bicycle

Electric bicycles , also known as electric bicycles (or EABs), have conquered an important place in the heart of the city’s inhabitants. By facilitating travel and reducing the effort required, they allow you to recover the desire to ride a bike without any inconvenience. Furthermore, it is a viable ecological response. Faced with growing mobility needs, the electric bicycle is an effective solution. There are therefore many factors that motivate people to buy an electric bicycle.

The electric bicycle is a means of transport that combines multiple advantages:

  • It’s practical

Two-wheeled electric vehicles avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, which are increasingly common in big cities and small urban centers. Furthermore, it allows you to get around urban centers that are increasingly pedestrian or inaccessible to cars (areas reserved for low-carbon vehicles, etc.). Furthermore, you will have no trouble finding a parking space, especially if you want to park for free. Moreover, if you are used to using public transport, the electric bicycle eliminates any constraint linked to strikes or delays. You are therefore totally autonomous.

 It is an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Unlike the car, the use of an electric bicycle does not generate CO2 emissions. The context favorable to environmental innovations and ecological awareness explains the development of this technology.

Electric bikes save money.

Electric bikes save money.

The cost of electricity consumption for a bicycle is estimated at around 1 franc per 1,000 km. This is therefore incomparable with the cost of a car for fuel consumption and for parking in a paid parking lot. Cycling is also cheaper than public transport.

 Electric bicycles are equipped with a small electric motor and a rechargeable battery. The cyclist therefore has less effort to make to move. Even his speed has increased. The average speed of a cyclist equipped with an electric bicycle is 19 km / h compared to the 15 km / h of a traditional bicycle. The EAB can even reach speeds of 25 km / h.

 However, you will need to be vigilant on two points:

  • His weight. Some models can reach 30 kg. If you want to be able to manage it easily (for example, to keep it), make sure you consider this criterion when you make your purchase.
  • Its price. Buying an electric bicycle requires a certain budget. Despite the savings made over time, a certain amount (between 1,000 and 3,000 francs) must be paid to become the owner. The use of a credit for bicycles is an interesting option to avoid depriving yourself of a part of your savings and to spread the expense over time.
  • Both more comfortable and faster than a conventional bicycle, the electric bicycle has many strings on the bow. It is an interesting investment for all urban journeys and for daily commuting to and from work.

The ATV electric vehicle

The electric mountain bike is a variant of the VAE for off-road use, whether it is downhill, enduro, cross-country or even sports excursions. Combining the characteristics of an electric bicycle and those of a mountain bike, the cyclist has ten times more power and energy. The electric ATV allows you to overcome both the greater displacements and the more difficult obstacles (for example steep slopes or very irregular terrain). It allows therefore to go further in terms of sports performance, both on the road and on difficult routes, thanks to the electric assistance provided by the engine.

This rather high-level market has experienced a boom in recent years. The producers worked on the lightness of the batteries to save on the final weight of the two wheels and therefore on their maneuverability. The main brands in this segment are KTM, Matra, BH Bikes and Scott. On average, the charges for placing on the network are between 1,000 and 5,000 francs. These two wheels are so efficient that, in the field of competitions, some athletes are suspected of “mechanical doping”, integrating small electric motors in their bicycles.

Invest in a racing bike

As with all other types of bicycles, it is necessary to define the precise use of your racing bike. Do you want to use it from time to time? Will you participate in competitions? Will you only use it on the road? Other questions will then arise from your choices.

What materials should you choose?

What materials should you choose?

There are different types of materials that make up the frame of a racing bike, generally combining lightness and strength. Aluminum and metal are ideal for heavy use or for competitions. Carbon is lighter, but it is a bicycle made of this material it will also be a little more expensive. Titanium, on the other hand, is the benchmark in terms of lightness and strength. On the other hand, they are the most expensive bicycles and are intended primarily for professionals or semi-professionals.

How much weight should you have?

To increase speed, weight is an important variable. It will depend on the materials chosen. As a general rule, the bicycle should not exceed 7 kg.

Which size to choose?

The right size bicycle is essential for feeling good and maximizing performance. For a competition bike, multiply the size of your horse by 0.65. For leisure use, prefer a coefficient of 0.67.

In all cases, it is important to refer to a professional to guide your choice. The budget for a purchase of this type can vary greatly depending on the bicycle purchased : in the entry-level segment, some racing bicycles are offered for 300 francs when the competition bicycles reach more than 5,000 francs.

Other models

Other models

In addition to the bike models already presented, there are many other types of bicycles that can be adapted to your needs. Here are three examples:

  • The classic mountain bike. Like its electric counterpart, it allows you to travel on all types of terrain thanks to thick and notched tires. It allows, for example, to make sporting excursions. A suspended model allows better handling, but is heavier than a semi-rigid model.
  • The city bike. Also known as a Dutch bicycle, this bicycle is ideal for city use. It is a versatile, comfortable, light and robust model. This is the most common type of bicycle to go to work every day. It is often equipped with a basket or luggage rack.
  • The folding bike. Thanks to a simple system, the folding bicycle can be easily transported by car or public transport. It is also easier to store in a small apartment.

How does bicycle credit help you control your budget?

How does bicycle credit help you control your budget?

Buying a bicycle is an important investment, whether it is an electric bicycle, an ATV, a racing bike or a classic city bike. What are the solutions available to you to finance it? How to subscribe a motorcycle credit?

Why make a credit to buy your bike?

The price of a bicycle varies greatly depending on the technology used (electric or not), the materials, the brand, etc. For the purchase of a classic bicycle, prices start at around 300 francs and can exceed 5,000 francs. For an electric bicycle, the entry level is 1,000 francs. The competition models can be increased up to a price of over 12,000 francs. At these prices, it is necessary to add the price of the accessories (pump, luggage rack, luggage rack, summer clothing, winter clothing, lights, etc.) as well as the cost of repairs (essentially punctures).

Buying a bicycle represents a significant budget if you want to buy an electric cycle or quality equipment. To allocate this expenditure over several months, obtaining a bicycle credit is an appropriate solution. The lender will advance the amount for the purchase of your two-wheeler and you will repay the fixed monthly payments for a predetermined period of time.

How can I request a bike credit at Creditbank?

How can I request a bike credit at Creditbank?

All individuals can use private credit to finance their purchases and projects. Bicycle credit is a form of private credit for the purchase of a two-wheeled vehicle. Once you have defined the bicycle model you need, you will be able to define the exact budget for your purchase. With this information, you can turn to banks and lenders to get a bicycle loan. To formalize your request, you will need to provide certain documents that depend on your situation, such as an identity document and a pay slip or any kind of proof of income.

 Creditbank is one of the main players in private credit. We provide solutions for all your requests: purchase of furniture, health and extensive financing, for the purchase of a bicycle. With the information provided, we study your personal and professional situation. This allows us to establish a coherent and personalized financing proposal. We adapt the loan amount to your needs and offer you monthly payments in line with your income.

Creditbank offers all its customers the advantage of its best conditions and its inevitable reactivity. Request your bike credit today!

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