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Internet Day is celebrated in different countries of the world. Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic are some countries that join this festival sponsored by the Internet Society and the Internet Users Association since 2005, and in Juan Berkley we joined the celebration with Our online money lending system.

The Internet is defined by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy as a global, decentralized computer network, formed by the direct connection between computers through a special communication protocol, has changed all forms of human interaction through immediacy.

The use of the Internet has modified the way we relate, access to information, leisure, interpersonal relationships, work among many other activities that are part of our daily lives.

Find information on encyclopedias, send letters to communicate with our loved ones, play in the street, read press constantly, ask relatives about historical events, go to rent movies have gone to the background thanks to the presence of the network in our lives.


Buying is an activity that has also changed thanks to the Internet

Buying is an activity that has also changed thanks to the Internet

The eCommerce Observatory in a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC), the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CCCE) and the National Academic Network of Advanced Technology (Renata) revealed that during 2017 more than 87 million transactions were made, presenting an increase of 36% compared to 2016. In addition, these represented a total of $ 51.2 billion pesos, 24% more than the last year.

“The report highlights that purchases of goods and services during 2017 grew by 14% compared to 2016, representing more than $ 14.6 billion and reflecting that 94% of consumers prefer to use the credit card for these types of transactions and the remaining 6% are made with bank account debits, ”said Viviana Volks, Executive President of the CCCE.

Online transactions have different categories, including Paypal, online purchases, virtual bank transactions, virtual currencies and online credits.


The money lending industry on the Internet

The money lending industry on the Internet

Each category has an exponential growth in a short time, online credits are a segment with great reach because the purchase process is simple, they only have to provide their data and the amount they request. The approval is given immediately without the need for intermediaries.

Thus, the Fintech industry was born, understood in its initials as ‘financial’ and ‘technology’ around the world. According to studies of the impact platform that improves access to digital finance through acceleration and pollination Finnovista, it is revealed that Fintech in Latin America has grown at rates of 50% or 60% capturing the attention of investors and corporations international, through rounds of investment in startups or strategic alliances.

These companies that offer online credits, within their self-regulation processes, defined a Financial Responsibility Code for the Internet credit industry in Colombia, in which a standard of good practice is created, the manual seeks that entities:

  • Always ask users for the authorization of people to check the score at risk centers.
  • Respect the personal and confidential information they provide
  • Allow the user to pay their credit in advance without causing penalties and with equal facilities at the time of hiring.
  • Do not charge for the study of customer credit.
  • Report all credits to the risk centers to create credit history of each user.
  • Present transparently all the costs and expenses associated with the credit or your credit quota.

Additionally, the study of ‘Industry Report: E-commerce in Colombia 2017’ indicates that each consumer purchased online on average 5.2 different product categories during 2016 compared to 2013 with an average of 4.7 in E-commerce in Colombia.

People prefer to buy online tourist plan services, air tickets, movie tickets and events, music, books and entertainment services on platforms such as Netflix and streaming video platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and the services offered by channels and providers such as Fox Play, HBO Go or Direct TV Play.

Among the subcategories, the production and distribution of film and video had the participation of 57.31 percent, travel, and tour agencies of 10.66 percent, while airlines and air transport were located at 9.52 per hundred.


The online credits give the possibility of accessing multiple products and services

The online credits give the possibility of accessing multiple products and services

So on this day of the Internet, it is important to highlight the daily actions of this tool that create a global citizen. The immediacy and transience of this tool revolutionize society and its ways of behaving. By 2035, 35% optimization of employees in different areas is calculated thanks to assistants who use artificial intelligence, the future friend of man.

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